The Importance of Water Supply

An adequate supply of safe, fresh water is a basic human need. Clean water is of course equally essential to plant and animal life, which in turn affects human life. Furthermore, its provision and maintenance is also a necessity in certain industries. It is thus a resource that must be continuously provided, nurtured and protected. Such protection includes the proper collection and treatment of all forms of wastewater

Areas of Expertise within our water supply

  • Master Planning, Investigations & Feasibility Studies
  • Abstraction and Treatment
  • Bulk Supply Pipelines and Storage
  • Distribution and Reticulation
  • Demand-, Pressure- and Loss Management

Areas of Expertise within Sanitation

  • Investigations & Rehabilitation
  • Sewer Reticulation Networks
  • Collector, Sub-Outfall & Outfall Sewers
  • Pipe Bridges
  • Wastewater Treatment